ra·di·o reb·el

1. a musician who rises in opposition or melodic resistance against an established but broken music industry.

Operation Bug Smash – 0.002

New Things:

  1. Band page follower counter
  2. Song play counter
  3. New music layout on band pages
  4. Continuous music player
  5. Radio Rebel Exclusives
  6. Radiosaur Live Podcast
  7. Opt in to Radio Rebel Live
  8. Fixed scrolling navigation bar

Bugs fixed:

  1. Music uploader now works with all browsers
  2. New bands no longer mysteriously disappear from front page
  3. Old Radio Rebel accounts no longer display strange fields in edit menus
  4. Some songs on explore page don’t play
  5. You can now edit song names


Coming soon:

  1. Commerce! Buy and sell music.
  2. Social Login (no more forgetting your password)
  3. Referral program (earn goodies for referring your friends to RR)
  4. Better navigation for computers and mobile devices
  5. Search music and bands
  6. Albums

Testing the commerce system, a new partnership and fast server.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to swing by here and let everyone know what we are currently working on.

We moved RR to a faster server, however the drawback is that we have been spending a bunch of time constantly configuring it until it works 100%. Let’s all give Jordan and Simon a slap on the back and a few gallons of Gatorade to the face for making it happen and staying on top of it.

Radio Rebel TV is going to see a large increase in quality as we recently partnered with a company called Collective Digital Studio. They will be responsible for helping us manage content and exploring further promotional opportunities. CDS is the studio behind Epic Meal Time, Annoying Orange, Freddy G, and around 600 other popular channels.

And finally, we privately activated the commerce system for testing. Our tests have gone well so we are ready to start recruiting volunteers to be the first to officially buy/sell music on RR. If you are interested in helping test commerce please let me know! I am also looking for ideas to help improve the purchase experience as it is pretty boring.

This concludes today’s updates and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Operation Bug Smash – 0.001

Hello music monsters! We have been hard at work smashing all the bugs with a large hammer, thanks to all the reporting being done by you wonderful people. We love you!

I figured a quick update of everything we have fixed so far is in order:

Bugs Smashed: 32 (New High Score!)

  1. Cancel buttons are no longer plain text and now look very sexy like.
  2. The registration box is no longer a condescending asshole that explains what a password and email is.
  3. Error reports now stay popped up for 9 seconds.
  4. Price fields for songs no longer overlap and stretch over the entire page.
  5. Band pages no longer show duplicate songs.
  6. Profile pages no longer have overlapping band images under the “Following” tab.
  7. Window tabs no longer show machine name and instead show profile name.
  8. Social links can now be added to band pages without errors.
  9. Clicking a band member profile link no longer sends you to your own profile page.
  10. New users are now sent to a confirmation page after registering an account.
  11. Log in and Register now have their own individual buttons to click.
  12. Users are no longer required to reset their password upon logging in for the first time.
  13. Fields in edit profile, edit/add band, and upload song are now more descriptive.
  14. Default images for profiles and band pages no longer look stupid.
  15. Free music now has a download option and does not require you to provide billing information.
  16. Minimum required image sizes are no longer unreasonably large and have re-sizing tools.
  17. Blurbs have been eradicated.
  18. Band page layout now displays as designed.
  19. You can no longer create a song profile without actually uploading a song.
  20. Fixed various spelling and grammar derps.
  21. Band pages no longer display band member profile badges. Stay on the profile pages dammit!
  22. Songs can now be edited and updated.
  23. Band pages can now be edited and updated.
  24. Songs can now be deleted.
  25. When you delete a song the image no longer remains behind.
  26. The “New Bands” feed on front page now links to respective band pages.
  27. “My Bands” page now has links to respective bands.
  28. Clicking a genre no longer takes you too a very strange land of code stuff.
  29. Users that follow bands no longer get email updates on ever little thing a band does, and now receive in house notification instead.
  30. When adding a song, you can no longer choose any band on Radio Rebel to add the song to. Only your own. Sorry, troll monsters.
  31. Profile and band images can no be edited.
  32. Users can now input their own custom genres when uploading music.

Check out our new wiki to review a list of known bugs.

Beta is launched!

We did it! After two years of planning, development and building up an independent music network through radio, we have finally launched the open beta of the new Radio Rebel. A social free to sell music marketplace that enables musicians to sell their music online and keep 100% of all earnings.

Why did it take so long?

Well, the quick and easy answer is, money. From the very beginning I have funded Radio Rebel completely out of pocket, and have only ever been able to afford a handful of costs. Things like server hosting, domain acquisition, legal and accounting have eaten up everything I was able to spare. This makes it very difficult to recruit people to help because you have nothing to pay except favors and equity. Both of which do not hold any immediate value.

The long answer is that I spent the first year of operation building up music network using an internet broadcast and wordpress while developing the free to sell music marketplace idea. Things went well and Radio Rebel quickly became popular among independent bands in locations all over the world. I built up a catalog of thousands of bands that promoted their music and directed the RR audience to their respective online presences. I also decided to test out an idea with promoting music videos on a youtube channel called Radio Rebel TV, which ended up becoming an even bigger hit than the online broadcast. Within 3 months RRTV surpassed the radio station in terms of user interaction and content submission.

In summer of 2013 I made a reddit post in /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers reaching out to the community to announce my idea and find a music loving developer to join me to help make it real. This is where I met Simon Ince, now the co-founder and lead developer of Radio Rebel. The subject line of Simon’s initial message to me was ” Let’s change the world.” “. That was the last line of my post, and Simon chose to make it the subject of his message. I instantly became excited and read through the message. He made 3 main points: He is a talented web developer, passionate about music, and willing to give up his free time. This was exactly what I was looking for. A better developer than I who believed in the idea and was willing to put in the time to help make it real. 

Fast forward to summer of 2014 and here we are. A public beta is now available and we have a small but growing army of bands testing it out and providing feedback. Our daily routine consists of fixing bugs,  developing new features and improving the interface so it is easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing.

So what is next?

That question is extremely difficult to answer because there are a lot of important missions and a shortage of resources to accomplish them. However, I can say that my personal agenda at this point is to get all key features working, recruit another Drupal developer and explore options to generate revenue or funding so we can afford to grow.

Cheers to a long as two years of effort, and many more to come!

- Stan Price, CEO and Founder of Radio Rebel